electing elders and deacons

Officer training has concluded for the men nominated by the congregation for the office of ruling elder (Paul Hicks, Ken Smith) and deacon (Matt Kiniry, Keenan Swain). The Session of Redeemer has examined and approved each of the following men as eligible to stand for election for the office of Ruling Elder or Deacon at Redeemer. Each of these officer candidates has indicated his willingness to serve if elected. 

On Sunday, April 11, there will be a brief congregational meeting immediately following the worship service to vote to elect ruling elders and deacons. Election will be by private written ballot. A majority of those communicant members present to vote will be required to elect. If you are not yet able to worship in-person in the building, you may join the congregational meeting immediately after the service outside on the southwest stairs to receive and submit a ballot.