After Jesus ascended into heaven, when God poured out his Holy Spirit on his Church at Pentecost, the Apostle Peter delivered a powerful sermon in which he declared that God's covenant promise "is for you and for your children." (Acts 2:39) Children have always been a part of the community of God's people. Redeemer values all of the children in our midst and views them as important members of our community. We will make every effort to shepherd our children's hearts to rely heavily on the grace of Jesus revealed in the gospel. We want the church to be a place where our children feel at home and a community where they feel loved and secure.  

Children age 4 through the end of kindergarten may attend Training in the Pews during the sermon. Volunteers will escort children out of the worship service, and return them after the sermon.

Your children sit with you for the beginning of worship so you can begin to worship with your children. At the time of the sermon, the children are dismissed to go to their class, where they have a Bible lesson and continue their worship training as they learn to sing some of the more familiar songs we sing in 'big church' and learn to discuss the lessons they heard in their Bible lesson. We are working on worship behavior and skills to expect the children to listen carefully and have a longer attention span.